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  1. Features common to all accounts
  2. Global accounts
  3. Local accounts
  4. So, what kind of account to create?
  5. Create it!

Accounts :: Features common to all accounts

All user accounts at have most of the features in common, which are:

Accounts :: Global accounts
Accounts :: Global accounts :: Definition

Global accounts are full featured user accounts, which will work in all communities. That is, you only create one account, and you will be able to use it for participating in any community. Of course, global accounts are unique. Only one person can have the account named, say, "mickeymouse". If another person would like to be called "mickeymouse" as well, they have two choices. Either create a global account called "mickeymouse2" or "mickeymouse3" (if mickeymouse2 is already taken), or create a local account called "mickeymouse"). See below for information about local accounts.

If you are unsure about which kind of account to create, you most likely want to create a global account. Create a local account only when you are absolutely sure you want it.

Accounts :: Local accounts
Accounts :: Local accounts :: Definition

>AS OF TODAY, LOCAL ACCOUNTS CAN NO LONGER BE CREATED. Users who already own local accounts are urged to abandon them and switch to a global account. Local accounts are full featured user accounts, with a small difference, compared to global accounts. A given local account will only work for a particular community - the one it has been created for.

Local accounts also have one restriction - they can not create new comunities, and cannot be transferred ownership of existing communities to. Local accounts can, however, be Administrators or Moderators of the community the belong to.

Basicly, the idea behind local accounts is that if you really, REALLY want to use a particular user name, but it is taken, you can still do it, but just on a particular community. It is more convenient to have a global account, but if you just can't help wanting that particular user be it - at the price of the disadvantage that it will only work on a particular community, and not on all communities.

Accounts :: So, what kind of account to create?

In a pinch, unless you know you want a local account - do yourself a favor and create a global one.

Accounts :: Create it!

To create a global account (you probably want it), click here: Create user.

To create a local account, please go to the community you want the account to be registered with, and click the link on the top saying "Register a local account".

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